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Hollywood Glam is a design style that is extravagant, over-the-top, and flashy. It is also known as Hollywood Regency. It’s a bold design style ideal for a homeowner who likes to make a statement.

Some Victorian design elements, such as plush, velvet furnishings, tufting, and antiques, can be included in this style. Purples, reds, and turquoise are prominent in the color palettes.


Coastal style, often known as Hamptons style, is named after the famous American seaside town. Light, breezy color palettes with cool neutral tones mixed with blues and greens are common. The majority of the furniture is white or beige. Wood may be used in the space, and the water frequently influences accessories.

The traditional Coastal/Hampton design includes blue and white striped patterns for cushions, wide windows, white plush sofas, and painted white wood.

The goal is to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere inspired by the beach and the water.

A basic awareness of design principles and styles may go a long way toward cementing your unique design preferences. The ability to recognize various interior design styles can aid you in conjuring up inspiring thoughts of your future house and give a foundation on which to develop your particular aesthetic. Magic arises when you have a vocabulary to convey your inspired idea. If you want to learn more about this aesthetic, check out our article “Everything You Need to Know About Hamptons Style.”


Natural components such as wood and stone are used in rustic design, frequently raw and unpolished.

Rustic design may integrate outdoor items and architectural aspects such as vaulted ceilings ornamented with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors.


Bohemian is a trendy fashion and interior design style. It represents a carefree way of life with few rules other than to pursue your heart’s desire.

Vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired fabrics and carpets, collection displays, and objects obtained in various places, such as flea markets and on vacations, may all be found in bohemian houses.

When embracing the boho design, it’s not unusual to see floor pillows and cozy seating areas. An ultra-glam chandelier may be matched with a well-worn rug and a mid-century chair in this diverse style. There is a laissez-faire mentality in the Bohemian style, where everything goes as long as you love it.